Cupboards and wardrobes

Customised for your requirements


We’ve all done it before!

In fact, chances are if this is your first time dealing with Braeside Building, it’s likely that like most others, you’ve never known another way.

It’s often convenient to buy cupboards and wardrobes off the shelf, however if we’re honest with ourselves, it rarely offers a perfect solution to your needs.

At Braeside Building, we offer a fully customised experience from the designing of your kitchen cupboards or bedroom wardrobes, right through to the build and install.

Our facility is equipped with a full design studio and workshop, meaning our solutions are entirely customised to suit the parameters of your project.

Everything is made to measure.

When it comes to storage units, whether that’s cupboards, wardrobes, bookcases, cabinetry, or anything else, it really does pay to have it professionally customised to suit your specific requirements.

When you walk into a custom built walk-in wardrobe, there is no doubt that it was supposed to be there. Likewise in a beautifully fitted kitchen.

A small initial investment pays huge dividends eventually, both functionally, aesthetically and financially, so what are you waiting for?

For a customised cupboard and wardrobe solution for your property, give Braeside Building a call today, or if you’re in the area, drop past and check out our amazing facility.