Custom Joinery

The Tailored Solution


If carpentry is the trade, then joinery is certainly the artform.

We’ve all seen craftsmanship that simply WOW’s us. Maybe it was in a church somewhere, maybe it was on display somewhere, or maybe it was in a book. In most cases, that craftsmanship is custom joinery.

Now imagine if people had that same experience when they entered your home!

At Braeside Building, we pride ourselves on our joinery skills. It’s an art form and we love it. It’s what separates us from so many other building companies.

There are a lot of builders around and to be fair there are a lot of really good ones, however there are very few that can offer custom joinery solutions to the level of finesse that we deliver.


Custom joinery can come in many forms. Perhaps it might be a stairway in your home, it could be that built-in dresser in your living area, it might be the architecturally designed timber ceiling in your lounge room, or maybe it’s simply a custom built kitchen.

Whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about all of these years, let Braeside Building help you make it a reality.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly request. If it can be dreamed up, then it’s likely we can help you build it.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of creating some incredible custom joinery masterpieces and we’d love to add your project to our repertoire and you to our long list of happy customers.

If there’s a project that you have in mind, or if there’s an idea that you’d like to run past us, give us a call today, or simply pop in and meet the team.
We’d love to hear about your goals and see how we can help bring them to life for you.