Bondi Apartment Renovation


Project Description

When Ross from Braeside Building was asked to tender on this Bondi apartment renovation project, he knew right away that it was the perfect job for the team at Braeside.

Located not too far from the infamous Bondi Beach, the client wanted to keep the beachy feel of the area, but combine it with a modern, chic finish.

The entire apartment was to be renovated, including the removal and reinstallation of the bathroom, kitchen and internal laundry. There was also a substantial amount of structural work, which involved removing supporting walls and integral structural components.

Obstacles that were overcome

Firstly, the client needed someone that could comply with her time restraints and restrictions. There was a deadline that needed to be met and as the builder, we needed to come to the party.

Secondly, there was a large number of structural modifications that needed to take place. Most of these were picked up on in the quoting stage, however there were some that only became apparent once walls and ceilings came down.

We had to install new structural steel beams. This proved to be quite demanding, as manoeuvring large (and heavy) steel beams into an apartment has logistical and mathematical challenges.

The Air Conditioning ducted system had to be completely redesigned to suit the new ceiling structure. This involved removing the old ducting and establishing a path for the new one that worked with the new design parameters, as well as the other services.


The Result

It was not an easy project by any measure. We had a lot of obstacles to overcome, however the result was brilliant.

We managed to comply with the time constraints and we managed to come in within budget, both of which were not easy to achieve.

This Bondi apartment renovation was a standout project in our repertoire. The design was executed perfectly and it’s a pure reflection of ‘beach meets chic’.

The client is extremely happy, as you’ll see in the testimonial below and we’ve since completed another project for her, which makes it three in total.


Kristina P

Kristina P


Braeside building has so far completed 2 renovations for me and is now starting a third.

I contacted Braeside after being given their contact by my electrician who recommended them as the most trustworthy builder they know. They have been great to work with, explaining why requests aren’t possible, what is possible and why and coming up with imaginative solutions to problems, without being dismissive or talking down to me.

I highly recommend anyone to contact them if they want a quality job done and to be assured of every detail of the build. Be careful, there are many builders out there that won’t tell you that they are cutting corners and simply go ahead and do it – Braeside will involve you in every decision and will make sure a quality job is done from the start so that you don’t have issues down the track!