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At the start of every morning and just before going to bed the bathroom becomes a space that can rejuvenate and energise or help to wind down and relax.

At Braeside Bathrooms, we believe a bathroom should not only be beautiful and functional but also your point of relaxation for the day.


Starting with a redesign of an existing bathroom or a new bathroom addition, our team of experts specialises in high end designs and utilises only the best materials to create the bathroom of your dreams. Whether you have a sprawling master bathroom that needs renovating or a want to redesign a small powder room.


In the past 5 years, Braeside Bathrooms have been making our customers very happy with a fresh, technology integrated approach to the market allowing us to maintain transparent communication with our clients through the use of online scheduling tools. We help our clients to streamline their ideas and create a bathroom renovation experience that’s perfect for their needs.


We differentiate ourselves from other bathroom renovation companies by utilising highly specialised construction crews for each trade to guarantee that you will only have the best from each field. If you live in Sydney then and you would like to renovate your bathroom using high end craftsmanship.


Contact us today for a complimentary home design meeting.

Our Recent Bathroom Renovations 

Whether you are looking to revamp your current laundry, condense your laundry into a multipurpose room or a new laundry design is part of your overall home renovation. Laundries. seldom receive the recognition they deserve for the vital part they play in any home.

Braeside's Laundry Design experts will help you design the ultimate laundry to fit your needs, with cabinetry, sinks, washers & dryers yet maximising your bench space, light and air flow to create the perfect laundry.

From smaller size apartment laundries, to hidden laundries to large open plan family size laundries you'll be amazed how our team 

Our Recent Laundry Renovations & Builds
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