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There is no question! The fit out is the part of the project that gets noticed.

Sure, nothing is as important as structural integrity, however in the same instance, there is nothing that stands out more than a lovely fit out.

Provided the foundations are solid, the fit out is what sells. Think back to any new home, restaurant, bar, or hotel that you’ve visited recently and I can almost guarantee the one thing that stands out in your mind will be the finished product.

  • Are the fixtures nice?

  • Do the trimmings and features line up?

  • Is the tiling and carpeting done to standard?

  • Do the kitchen cupboards look amazing?

  • Is the bathroom top notch?

The Fit out stage of a project is what brings Braeside Building the most pride.

We love the thrill of working on a project and being able to walk away from it knowing that we’ve transformed a space into something incredible for our customers.


There’s nothing like seeing plans come to life.

Recent Shopfitting & Commercial Projects
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